Hex Ed. Articles

Learn more about the amazing hex beam antenna in these Hex Education articles.

  1. How do I trouble shoot my hexbeam?
  2. What’s so hot about the hexbeam?
  3. What about 40 meters on a hexbeam?
  4. Why is a hexbeam superior to the dipole?
  5. Which is better; the Spiderbeam or a hexbeam?
  6. Why is a hexbeam better than a vertical?
  7. How does a hexbeam work?
  8. What is the history of the hexbeam?
  9. Should I paint my hexbeam?
  10. What is a good mast for my hexbeam?
  11. What kind of feedline cable do I need?
  12. What’s a thrust bearing and how is it used with a hexbeam?
  13. Is SWR really all that important?
  14. Will my hexbeam interact with other antennas?
  15. Which Hexbeam works best?


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