KIO Hexbeam

Buy the Premium Quality Hexbeam reviewed in the August 2017 issue of QST.


It offers these great features:

  • Up to Six bands (20 – 6) fed by a single coax
  • Directional with good front/back 
  • Low SWR
  • No tuning required, just plug and play
  • Performs well at lower heights
  • Capable of 2,000 watts power
  • Small physical foot print (11 Ft turning radius)
  • Light enough for a push up mast
  • Symmetrical shape withstands wind better
  • Fits nearly any mast size
This broad band hexbeam is the answer to your dream of a directional antenna that can be mounted on an inexpensive push up mast and in a space no larger than a garden home backyard. Mount it on your roof as many do and work DX you never even heard with your vertical or dipole. We will build it for you, pack the modules for shipping and you can assemble it in an hour or maybe a short evening for outstanding results with no tuning needed.
Get the Premium Quality hexbeam that performs nearly on par with a full scale two element Yagi with low SWR across all bands. The beam is available in various combinations from one to six bands and all operate with a single feed line. No traps or special resonance devices are needed.

Get your Hexbeam from KIO Technology
and move to a new level of great DX!

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