How to install on mast

Coupling of the hexbeam to your mast

Shown to the left is the hexbeam coupled to a standard push up mast. The bracket has U bolts that fit perfectly on a standard push up mast of 1.25 inches outside diameter. The U bolts are supplied along with the proper pinning bolt with your hexagonal beam at no extra charge.

Note that a hole must be drilled through your mast for insertion of a pinning bolt to prevent the hex beam from slipping in the U bolts and getting out of alignment with your rotator.

For an extra charge, a Universal Clamp as shown on the right is adjustable for masts of any size, 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches outside diameter. Four bolts hold the stainless steel clamps with their serrated edges to firmly grip your mast.

The Universal Clamp attached to the base plate bracket is shown below. The clamp will fit on any KIO baseplate, no matter how old. Just remove the old flange on the bottom and install the new Universal Clamp with the four bolts shown in the photo. The Clamp can be bought on the Replacement Parts page.

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