How to install on mast

Coupling of the hexbeam to your mast









The hex beam comes equipped with a center post that sticks through the baseplate and out through the bottom resulting in a “stub” on the bottom of the baseplate. This stub is intended for you to
use to install the hex beam on your mast. The stub is 8 inches long and has an outside diameter of 1.32 inches (33mm) which is a standard one inch pipe size and is made of Sch 40 6061 T6 aluminum pipe.

Shown to the left is the hexbeam coupled to a customer supplied mast with pipe to pipe clamps. To the right is the hex beam stub inserted into a larger customer supplied mast. This arrangement on the right requires the installation of two cross bolts.

The customer mast can be a push up mast, a tower mast or a short pipe that is inserted into a rotator.

Pipe to pipe clamps can be obtained from us or a variety of sources. Shown below are our pipe to pipe clamps available for sale.

There are a number of different standard size masts of different lengths that can be used with the cross bolt arrangement shown on the right above. The following are suggested and there are others that can be found  with a modest search:

  1. EMT (Electrical Metal Tube), Steel, 1 1/2 inches nominal

O.D. 1.74 inches
I.D. 1.61 inches
Obtainable from Home Depot, Lowes in electrical department

2. Pipe Sch 80, 1 1/2 inches nominal (Aluminum or Steel)

O.D. 1.9 inches
I.D. 1.5 inches
Obtainable from online sources such as Fast,,

3.  Aluminum Tube, 1 3/4 inches nominal

O.D. 1.75 inches
I.D. 1.50 inches
Obtainable from online sources such as Fast,,


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