Ice Cords

The hexbeam loves the wind and dances to just about everything except a tornado or hurricane. Customers have reported winds over 100 mph and their hexagonal beam just thumbed its nose.

But ice and snow can be a different challenge. Because there is relatively little vertical support, the very strong fiberglass spreader arms can be over powered by the weight of a heavy coating of ice and snow. These conditions fortunately, don’t happen too often and for most customers they never occur. But when that mother of ice storms does hit, it can cause one or more spreaders to collapse under the extreme weight. Usually, only one or two spreader sections break and the cost of repair parts is only a few bucks. But the hassle of lowering the antenna and repairing the beam is the big issue with breakage like this.

So we have designed a set of ice cords to provide more vertical support. Made of the same Dacron covered Kevlar as the regular support cords, these six ice cords are shorter and connect between the center post and the middle of each spreader. The resultant increased vertical support helps the hexagonal beam withstand the weight of ice buildup on the spreaders.

The cords can be easily installed on a working hexbeam either by lowering the beam or climbing up the tower, depending on the customer’s situation. Or they can be installed initially when the beam is built, of course.

The six cords are sold in a set and have the hardware needed for installation. When ordered with a new beam, there is no additional shipping fee. Go here to add to cart.

Ice Cords

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