Antenna Description

Plug and Play – Not a kit!

The KIO hexbeam is professionally engineered for superior performance and is constructed of the highest quality materials. The baseplate is of thick, laser drilled 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware with fixtures for virtually any size mast. The laser drilled, advanced technology air coaxial center post made of aluminum and stainless steel has no wires or coax cable to cause problems brought about by moisture or flexing. Teflon terminal insulators provide protection for use at the legal limit of power.

The spreader arms are thick, tough fiberglass tubes resistant to storms and the support cords are made of Kevlar covered with UV resistant Dacron and rated at over 700 pounds break strength. All wire sets are pvc insulated and pre-measured perfectly for performance right out of the box. All ferrous metals are 100% marine grade stainless steel and all non metallic components are of the highest quality UV resistant materials.

When you take delivery of our beam you will NOT get a crate of hundreds of parts and a huge manual to sort out and spend days of tedious construction. This is not a kit; it is a plug and-play beam, ready for action.

All beams are capable of more than the Legal Limit of power.


Bands 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6 meters or any combination
Antenna elements 2 per band
Gain (free space) Peak Approx. 5.4 dBi (See below for gain over ground by band)
Front/Back (free space) Peak >10 dB, (See. below for F/B by band)
VSWR Less than 2:1 across nearly all bands
Feed line 50 ohms, single coax cable for all bands
Turning Radius 10.8 Ft  (3.3m)
Diameter of the beam 21.6 Ft  (20M beam), 16.6 Ft (17M beam), 15.0 Ft (15M beam)
Height of the beam 39 in. (99 cm)  from base plate to top of center post
Weight 26 lbs (11.3kg)
Wind Load Area 5 Sq Ft  (0.46 sq m)
Power  2,000 watts
Mast requirement Several mast sizes (See detailed discussion)

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