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KIO Hexbeam

This plug and play hexbeam is available for any combination of bands 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 meters. This is not a box of parts. The five main components are already assembled; you just plug them together in an hour and then get on the air and play.

Start with 20 meters. Any beam can be easily expanded now or later by purchase of additional bands.

So get started on 20 meters, the band that works even in the down sunspot cycle and add other bands as conditions get better. Or just order all the bands now. The price for all six bands will add up to $821.

           Order the KIO Hexbeam with selected bands Price
KIO Hexbeam (20 meters only) $516.00

Plus 17 meters $61.00
Plus 15 meters $61.00
Plus 12 meters $61.00
Plus 10 meters $61.00
 Plus 6 meters $61.00


The bottom of the Hexbeam baseplate is shown at left with the center post protruding below the bottom of the baseplate about 8 inches. The Hexbeam can be mounted on your mast by inserting this post (1.3 inches O.D) into a larger mast as shown to the left and cross bolting it. Or a pair of pipe to pipe clamps can be used as shown right. The clamps do not come with the Hexbeam unless you order them.

The pipe to pipe clamps can be purchased in the Optional Accessories below.

Optional Accessories

Pipe to Pipe Mast Clamp

This stainless steel clamp is capable of attaching the Hexbeam bottom post to a pipe of up to two inches O.D. Two are generally required as shown above.

Item Price
One pipe to pipe clamp $19.00

KIO Ferrite Bead Choke Balun kits

-Five type 31 Mix ferrite snap on beads (see details)

BAL-8 Snap On balun fits 1/2 inch cable (RG8, RG213, 9913, LMR400)

BAL-8X Snap On Balun fits 1/3 and 1/4 inch cable (RG8X, RG58, LMR200)

Ideal for cable that is already assembled with connectors installed.

Item Price
BAL-8 Snap On for RG8, RG 213 size cable $43.00
BAL-8X Snap On for RG8X, RG58 size cable $28.00

Ice Cords

Six Kevlar, no stretch cords with Dacron covering and hardware attachments at each end of each cord for reinforcing your spreaders against ice and snow.

Recommended for heavy ice and snow regions. (see details)

Item Price
Set of Six (6) Ice Cords $65.00

 Add a band to your existing KIO Hexbeam. 

When ordering new bands on an existing hexbeam, all needed wire guide hardware is included. Kit includes a tuned, fully assembled wire set and spreader arm wire guide hardware, for each band ordered and clear, easy to follow installation instructions.

Item Price
20M Add band kit $61.00
17M Add band kit $61.00
15M Add band kit $61.00
12M Add band kit $61.00
10M Add band kit $61.00
6M Add band kit $61.00

Shim for steel push up mast into KIO bottom flange

The flange here makes a very secure connection to the steel push up masts made by Rohn and Channelmaster. However, the flange inside diameter is 1.31 inches (i.d.) but the top section of these steel push up masts are 1.25 inches o.d. This means a slight wobble unless some kind of shim arrangement is used. these are simple to make but we can save you the trouble with the shim we have fashioned here, designed expressly and only for use on the Rohn and Channelmaster steel push up masts coupled as shown to our legacy flange on the bottom of our baseplate.

Item Price
Bottom Flange Shim kit $9.00
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