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SWR on my Hex

“During the last century, a great many hams worked a lot of DX until they got their hands on a SWR meter and found out they couldn’t.” Bill AE7KB How come the SWR on my hex beam is not as flat as Joe Blow’s? Well, that’s a common discovery and we might as well dive into this very misunderstood subject. …

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Hex Interaction

Many users of the hexagonal beam are constrained space wise and must operate their hex close to other antennas, usually on other bands than the hex. Their natural question is “Should I be concerned that the hex will interact with the other antenna?” Interaction is generally mutual. That is, if one antenna causes problems with another antenna, it is also …

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Thrust bearing for my Hex?

“What in the world is a thrust bearing? Guys tell me I need one for the mast I am planning to use but I don’t know why.” Well, a thrust bearing is basically a device on the top of the tower at left that your mast sticks through to allow the mast to be anchored and still rotate. Or it …

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Paint my Hex?

Should I paint my hexagonal beam? There are a couple reasons why you might want to consider painting your hex. One is to make it more stealthy. Painted black, it can blend into a background of trees especially in wintry weather when leaves are gone. Another reason is for protection from sunlight. If you are using a KIO Hexagonal beam, …

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Hex Feed Cable

How do you keep your hexagonal beam coax feed cable from tangling with the guy ropes? Pretty easy. Keep in mind that the hex itself, and sometimes the push up mast itself, are both rotating but the guy ropes and rings are not. So the key is to allow enough slack between the bottom of the hex and the highest …

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Front to Back Performance of a Hexagonal beam

Directional antennas perform better in one direction than others. If you can rotate the antenna, you will be able to target any area of the planet with the best performance of the hexagonal beam. This is a great advantage over fixed wire antennas that have generally good performance but usually in only a few directions of the compass. And it …

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Trouble shooting my Hexagonal beam

The best way to trouble shoot your hexagonal beam is to do it on the ground before raising it onto the mast or tower. Many new hex owners in their enthusiasm to get the beam on the air leave out the simple tests that should be done before it has been installed on the mast/tower. And then when they get …

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